I have reported and written articles for a wide variety of food and travel-focused magazines, news outlets, and websites, including Food & Wine, Saveur, the Wall Street Journal, Martha Stewart Living, Serious Eats, Taste Cooking, Afar, and Family Traveler.

I come to food and travel writing from two different but complimentary perspectives:

As both a writer and a traveler, I have always been interested in the places where cultures meet and intersect. I am interested in the different food traditions of ethnic minority groups in southwestern China and how the territorial disputes between nations and empires have shaped their identities. I want to know more about how Native American communities in New Mexico have fused their cultural traditions with the Catholic holidays imposed on them by Spanish settlers to create unique festivals. Dive into the history of a tapioca and milk-based dessert from eastern Myanmar, and you’ll start to understand the centuries’ old trade routes that brought ingredients and ideas from ancient Persia to India and then to Southeast Asia.

But as a dedicated home cook (and now a busy working parent), I am also committed to helping cooks find easy ways to put meals on the table and improve their skills. I want food from all across the world to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or skill level.