Whether I’m developing a recipe for creamy ricotta you can make at home, a California-style French onion soup bolstered with winter squash, broiled oysters flavored with sumac butter, or a rustic bourbon-caramel apple pie, my goal is always the same: to create a delicious recipe and make it accessible to the average home cook. I am also adept at learning from chefs and home cooks around the world and adapting their recipes to the typical American home kitchen by explaining dish’s flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques in clear, accessible language.

My recipes have appeared on the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Saveur, Food and Wine, and other food-focused publications. I have also developed recipes for the makers of new cooking appliances and for small food producers, ranchers, and farmers to offer to their customers. I have published two cookbooks (details HERE), and have more on the way….